WTB gold Phoenix and Jersey giant eggs


11 Years
Mar 13, 2008
Southern Indiana
I am looking for fertile golden Phoenix eggs because I think they are beautiful birds.
Jersey Giants are my favorite breed for eggs.
Is it too late in the season for them?
I have some Gold Phoenix. I have 7 right now I am working with. Two of them are a year old now and the other 5 are about 4 months old now. My 2 older ones are Rose Combs and I have 2 little cockerels and 3 little pullets that should start laying soon. One of the cockerels has a Single Comb and two of the pullets have a Single Comband the others have Rose Combs also.

Here are a couple of pics of my Gold Phoenix:



He is really stocky and healthy looking
I love those birds,
Let me know when you start getting some fertile eggs
Thanks, I like him alot too. I am really likeing what I see in that little cockerel in the back. He is Gorgous (however it is spelled). He is looking a little blonde to me and I can't wait to see how he looks when he matures. I am thinking my Roo looks a little more like a bbr phoenix and maybe the 2 cockerels look like duckwing? I am new to this so I don't know what the official terms are for their looks. I just call them Gold Phoenix untill someone can tell me otherwise as to what kind (class) of Phoenix they are.
I'm pretty sure I got those 2 cockerels (the blonde looking ones) from my silver phoenix hens and my gold phoenix roo.
I started out with 2 silver hens, a gold hen and the gold roo. I also hatched out a silver cockerel and have him in a pen with the 2 silver hens. I have another little chickie that is about 4 weeks old now and I'm trying to decide what it is going to look like.


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