WTB Guinea keets - south Texas - or ship

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    I had four guinea keets and LOVED them. Unfortunately, my fault, I forgot to lock them up one night and lost them. I am so sad. I had 2 standard dark colored ones and 2 lavender. They were great - but hadn't learned to fly - so they would follow the goats into a 3 sided fenced area and couldn't get out - and I believe they were calling to get back to their flock (goats) and something heard them (hubby saw an owl next morning) and picked them off :-( i am so sad because they were great and one of the lavenders would come sit on my lap at night with me on the swing - and my goats tick issue was going down!

    I know it sounds odd - but my goats are show goats - and the ticks were getting their ears BAD!!!

    I really need to get another handful of them for the goat pen - color is not an issue - just as long as they are younger to teach them where they are to be ;-)

    Thank you in advance.

    (I have an incubator - but it is a cheap stryofoam one and I used 1 time and did not have good results :-( )

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