WTB horse equipment, I may trade hatching eggs/ birds

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  1. catwalk

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    May 19, 2009
    I need an english breastplate. It can be the Y type or the single chest strap. I think it's called a fore girth. If it comes with those dee ring saver loops, so much the better! I could also use splint boots. Nothing fancy, any color. Preference will be given to non-crazy colors, though! And last, I need a different bridle. The one I have is cheap and lightweight, there is even a factory splice in the reins! Your bridle doesn't have to be leather, doesn't even have to be english. It just needs a browband/throatlatch, and needs to be sturdy enough to not break during a half-halt!

    Post or send me pictures and prices. In leiu of money, I may be able to provide Serama eggs or older chicks. I am selling a couple of cocks, so I'm moving breeding pens around a little. No guarentees on the parentage of particular eggs, but my breeding choices are based on what I believe will work best for type. I am in negotiations to sell Midas, on my BYC page, but there is a chance that he will be available as well. I do currently have a pair of young birds available.

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