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I just was given an incubator to use from a program that provides curriculum to teachers. I am thrilled to finally have one so that my kids get to see the whole range of chicken life from egg to table. We aren't allowed a rooster, so I have no fertile eggs. What I do have is a hovabator that will hold 42 eggs. Now I just need eggs to fill it! I would prefer to buy purebred eggs (not ones that are terribly expensive though), but if I can't afford that, I will be ok with mixed. So who has some eggs I could buy to fill up my bator?
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I have Silver Spangled Hamburgs. I can sell you 6+ eggs for $10, but I need about a week till I have them (got an order to fill first). They are breeder quality purebred birds and have been producing nice, type-y chicks with almost 100% hatch rate when they're not shipped.
I am in North Hollywood.

Here is a picture of my birds:
Here's one of the hens

Here's my rooster (sorry he's still missing hackle feathers from a bad molt)

Here are some of the babies I've hatched:

Hamburgs are a little skittish but if you handle the chicks a lot they are nice birds. They forage well, are on the small side (only 4-5 lbs for large fowl) and are fantastic layers of medium white eggs ("The Dutch Everyday Layer")

PM me if you're interested
Oh by the way, have you done a test run with your incubator yet? If not, you might want to do a batch of cheap eggs before you try to hatch anything expensive (especially in front of a class of kids).

It took me 2 runs with my hovabator to get a halfway decent hatch out of it.
Is it still air or does it have a thermal fan?

Mine was still air, and I concluded that still air hovabators are difficult to use in SoCal....something about the day-night temperature fluctuations and the lack of air humidity. Although with the cooler days starting you might have better luck. I installed a thermal fan in mine after the first two hatches and after that I've been getting decent hatch rates. But my first batch hatched zero chicks and the second hatched only 1

All that to say, speaking from personal experience, if you're in SoCal you should definitely do a test hatch on a hovabator before you try to hatch in front of school kids.

Hope that helps....let me know if you're interested in Hamburg eggs!
I could send a batch of 24 eggs, mostly buff orp and then some araucana to fill it for $30, includes s/h. Let me know if you're interested.
I can send you 3 dozen + (can make it 42) EE, frizzle Cochin, &/or Silkie eggs. Maybe even a few Wheaten Marans if you want them. $50 shipped.
Sorry for not replying earlier, my husband had the computer all day so I was unable to check this post. I will PM those I am interested in. Thanks for all the offers!

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