WTB: Incubator..any as long as it works!!


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Fair Oaks, CA
Hey BYCers,

I really want to start hatching my own eggs soon, as I love so many different breeds and some of them are so hard to find as chicks or pullets! My children's preschool would use it, when I'm not, for their classroom. Doesn't have to be huge, just enough to hold a dozen or so. Auto turner not a must as I am home with the kids, but would of course be nice. Let me know if you have an extra around that you can spare. I know the going rates for new and can't pay that much but a fair reasonable price would work. Thanks so much.
I have one I am selling. It is a little giant with turner hold 40 eggs. I was asking 40 for it and shipping would probably be 15 or so if you are interested.

It is the still air. Honestly that is all I have ever used, but I recently bought a cabinet and it is the forced air. I have just put eggs in there so not sure of the outcome yet

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