WTB Incubator for DH's Birthday


8 Years
Nov 28, 2011
Carver, Oregon
I'm looking for an incubator for hubby's birthday next month. It doesn't have to be fancy, big, or even new. It just needs to work and hold more than 5 eggs (those tiny ones are just too tiny). I live in the Portland/Gresham, Oregon-area, so, it would be a plus if you lived near here, but, not a requirement. I know I can get one for about $40 on craigslist.com, but, I thought I'd check with my fellow chicken-people before I bought from someone else. :)
If you have a local tractor supply store you can get a brand new little giant still air incubator that can hold 50 regular chicken eggs. I have used this bator for around 5 years with lots of success!!! I didn't have a fan kit or even a turner and hatched with great success!. it can be a little temperamental until you get the settings right but what bator doesn't!! I now have a 1502 sportsman cabinet & am still attempting to figure out where the vents should be set for the best humidity! Good luck. oh by the way that bator I believe is around $40!
I've actually been planning on posting 2 incubators for sale.
Both are Brinsea.
I have an Octagon 20 ECO and a Mini Advance.

The Octagon is good because it can hold 2 dozen eggs (or more) and it is easy to "turn" the eggs by just tipping the incubator.
The Mini Advance is good because it is digital so you can set the temperature exactly and not worry about it, plus it is auto turning.

I like the Brinseas because they are made of hard plastic so are easy to clean.

I originally got the Mini Advance and loved it, but wanted to hatch more at a time, so I bought the Octagon. (But then I missed the digital features, so I bought the Octagon 20 Advance, which is what I now use.)

I looked on the Brinsea website, and they are both the same price new: $149.99 regular, sale price $119.99, though they are out of stock at the moment.

If you are interested, I'll sell either one for $75 plus shipping.
Thank you for the info. As much as I'd love to buy a nice incubator, we've got a baby coming (any time) and I can't justify spending over $40 (including shipping) on a hobby. I'd love to hear from anyone with something close to that price range, though!
Awesome!! One of mine was born on my birthday!
I love having a "birthday buddy". My husband and other kids threw me a birthday party in the hospital right after he was born. Good luck!

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