WTB: Jersey Giant/Australorp Cocke/Roo (Hollister, CA or around there)

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    Sep 29, 2009
    I'm looking for either a Jersey Giant or Australorp male chicken. It doesn't matter if he's a cockerel or a rooster. I'll post information on what I would like below:

    1) No mites.

    2) Purebred.

    3) Not aggressive!

    4) Color doesn't matter. (Although Australorps only come in black, and Jersey Giants come in either black or white.)

    5) Between the age of 8 months and a year and a half. (If you have one that isn't this age, PM me anyways and I might consider it.)

    6) Preferably free, but I will pay for him if necessary.

    I have 12 female chickens that are all free range. I let them out during the day and they roam around the house and the backyard. At night they go into the two coops I have for them. I can assure you he will be going to a good home! Please PM me or reply here with your offers. Thank you!
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