WTB: Kefir grains-milk version Canada/USA

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Ontario, Canada
    I would like to buy some fresh balanced kefir grains preferably from a fellow Canadian...I think it would be easier not having to worry about getting them across the border, but if you have experience getting them safely to Canada please let me know. I am looking for some that have just been separated out of a growing active colony, unless you are sure they will grow otherwise.
    I would need the grains packed in dry skim milk powder in a small plastic tub (yogurt tub) then placed in a box with padding around it for shipping. No liquid milk, lol.
    I am willing to pay for the grains as well as the shipping.
    I recently went to get my kefir started again but it had been in the deep freeze for 4 years, and I guess that was too long.
    (edited for more specifics.)
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