WTB Leghorn hens SC EDITED !


11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
Irwin, Pennsylvania (Pittsburg area)
I would like to buy 4 Leghorn hens. I prefer the colored varieties, but will settle for white hens. I prefer to pick them up, so would like to find them somewhere within 50 or so miles of Greenwood, SC.

Edited to add . . . . I am going to be traveling to visit a friend in GA in the next couple of weeks. If you live in GA and have Leghorn laying hens for sale, perhaps I could swing by and pick them up on my way back home.

Please PM me if you think you can help me with my search for laying Leghorn hens.

If you live further from me than 50 miles and would be willing to drive to meet me somewhere, please let me know. I really NEED about 4 leghorn hens !
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