WTB - LF Salmon Faverolle hatching eggs


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Central PA
I'm looking for 6-12+ LF Salmon Fav eggs. I do not need these for at least 3 weeks, and would be willing to take some anytime later this spring or summer. PM me if you can help...? Thanks!
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I don't know if you would be interested but I did find some on ebay and as a matter of fact should be hatching in the next couple of days. The eggs looked really great when I got them and I think I'll get at least fifty plus percent hatching-maybe 75 plus percent. I'd give you the direct email address but I don't have it. I have picked up quite a few eggs off of ebay for rare breeds and they have been pretty good and most are NPIP Breeders. Hope this helps, if not I know efowl had them as chicks.

BYCer-CloverLeaf has gorgeous ones
not sure she has an auction up for them right now but definately check hers out!
Hi, I have salmon faveroles and they have been laying great.
I hatched out 25 chicks yesterday and are all sold this morning.
I sell my chicks here for $2.00 each for straight run. I would be willing
to sell some eggs for $15.00 a dozen plus shipping. Which is $15.00.
Thanks, Randy.

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