WTB/LOOKING Sumatra and Modern Game


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8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
Central Florida
Hi my kids show in 4H and we are looking for sumatra (blue or black) and Modern Game (any color). If you are within driving distance we are intrested in pairs/trios/quads of any age...and we are also intrested in fertile eggs:). We don't want crosses or mixes (4H expects them to be "pure" for our counties youth fair) but that don't have to be top of the line show quality either. I honestly don't think I can afford top notch anyways (yet) but would like to get as good for the kids as I can. I'm not looking for free or cheap just within reason. I hope not to offend anyone, and from gettinng other chickens I know that most good chicks aren't 3 or 4 $'s which is fine and I assume to find what we are looking for it will be more:).

I have 3 kids in 4H as well as 4yo, that while not old enough, takes part as well (just not the showing @ the Youth Fair). My kids don't show APA, and neither do my husband or I, but the kids would like to one day...Mom and Dad would be in charge of the behind the scenes lol so we adults have no plans to show for many years. Alot of work and alot of shows to just watch before then though!

If you have or know of a breeder, in state or out, that may have what we are looking for please PM me:). We are in central Florida.

Thank you so much!

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