WTB Mandarin Ducks


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9 Years
Jul 23, 2010
Lone Grove Oklahoma
Im looking for a pair or two of Mandarin Ducks or ducklings if you have ducklings and would make me a good deal on all of them ill buy them all. If you have any or know someone that has some or some place that i can find some please let me know I live in oklahoma looking for someone around oklahoma or texas area just let me know where your at.


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11 Years
Nov 12, 2008
Hooker, OK
Cowby come on over to the Okie forum and chat! i have a pait of mandarians...no ducklings but hopefully will at some point. We have a couple folks that seem to be able to find anything a person wants plus we are spread out so we get to see and hear about things from every corner

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