WTB maran and/or wyandotte pullets/hens


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Mar 6, 2009
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We are keeping a small backyard flock - currently have 4 GLWs, 2 EEs, and a BR laying with a couple of totally submissive roos. These are 4-H pet layers. We'd love to add a few hens - we love the temperament of the Wyandottes but our daughter would love to add the darker maran eggs to her egg "ministry" (she delivers eggs to the a slew of old neighbors).

I'm afraid I'd screw up hatching eggs and am wondering if anyone in NC, upstate SC, or southern VA might have any of the aforementioned birds for sale. I had a lead on an SLW hen and roo on craigslist but was too late.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I have a dark egg option for you if you are definite that you do not want to incubate and this time and need hens, I have another dark egg layers - the welsummers - these are non hatchery and starting in about 1 to 2 weeks, I'll be selling 5 to 6 of them, they are a little over a year old. Their egg is almost as dark as a Black Copper Marans as they are non hatchery.
Here's a photo of them:

I know that you asked for pullets/hens but wondered if you wanted to introduce your daughter to the miracle of hatching since she appears to be quite a kind heart in her ministry to others. We have been blessed to have a flock of French Black Copper Marans who meet the French standards,anticipated to adopted to be our American standards. These were raised on our farm since day one and are from the flock of beloved Copper King here on BYC. All have the correct plumage and height and stature including feathered feet,etc

If you decide that you want to got the route of incubation and I highly recommend it. There's nothing like it to teach young people about miracles, life and responsibility, I'll work up a special price just for you to help with your child's egg ministry!

We treat our flocks with great respect, care, grains and feed and access to fresh grass and sunsine. We full time farm and check on our poultry several times a day and gather eggs then as well.

Here are some pictures of the flock

We pack in the same way we would like to receive....only the freshest eggs, wrapped in the greatest of care and sent promptly by priority mail. Because BYC has temporarily removed the feedback form, I'll be glad to provide references.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or post on this listing

We'd be honored to serve your needs. Thanks for your interest and have a blessed day.
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Hi thegreypony, I never got your pm?

Just wondered if you sent an e mail?

Please let me know as I'd love to help you with any questions you might have.

Thanks and have a blessed day.

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