WTB Marans, EE, Aracauna, amaracauna

Forgot to mention I can trade seeds as well if interested!

I have a ton of rare, unique, heirloom, and new garden seeds to trade. I can trade all seeds, or do some cash and seeds.

I am an independent plant breeder and produce farmer in Pekin Indiana and have a huge collection. Most of our stuff isn't available anywhere else and a lot of it I have bred myself. You can check out my blog site for more information if interested http://homegrowngoodness.blogspot.com

We've got all kinds of vegetable crops, just let me know what your in to and I'll get it out to you, if we don't have exactly what your looking for we can probably get close!

Thanks Everyone!
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I have Blue and Black Coopers. They are laying like crazy right now and have 16 eggs in the bator... all are fertile.
I probably have another dozen sitting here. I'll sell them to you for $30 inc. shipping.

I dont have pics but can get them today. Egg color is good, I occasionally get a dark red one, but these birds are young, so.....?
Hey Peachick ! Would you happen to have an extra 6 laying around?
Hi Peachick!
I've pm'd you too for some eggs. I've been wanting to find these to add with some I'm getting the week of the 20th. Please let me know!
Your birds are such beauties!

wow this is great I get to see pic's of my future chicks parents !!! I am getting some marans from peachick soon !

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