WTB Milking Goat near Athens, GA

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Colbert, GA
    I would like to buy a milking Goat near Athens, GA. I have looked at Craig's list, market bulletin and general searches. What I found is Registered types of "show" goats. I do not want to show (or pay $500 to $1000), I just want 2 milking goats. I would like one with some % of a milking goat breed as I understand those can be friendlier and the milk tastier? BUT I do not know, I am new at this and have wanted to try it out, if it doesn't work out, we'll have some cool new pets to enjoy the pasture. I've had some good luck here on BYC and thought I would give this a try before I start pulling in peoples driveway and asking about their goats if they are for sale. TIA, Melissa

    ETA: I find a lot of Boer Goats, which are meat goats, right?
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    Sending a message to my brother in Madison...he may be able to help you out. [​IMG]

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