WTB: Nubian cross or Saanan cross buckling


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12 Years
May 7, 2007
Forks, Virginia
I am looking for a Nubian cross and/or a Saanan cross buckling no older than 3 or 4 months. For the right price I might would be interested in 2 from different blood lines.

I live in the Culpeper/Charlottesville/Frederickburg triangle.

Contact me by email at the link under my screen name.
Bummer Priss, too bad your not closer and looking for somethingg breeding age. I just today decided to sell my pb Saanen buck. He's a friendly fella, and he got the job done this year x6 (5 girls, 1 boy)! Think I could stuff him in a postage box with some bubble wrap and wave bye-bye?
Don't forget the priority mail tape....

Yes, it is a shame you're not closer. I have a friend in IN with 2 Nub / Saanen cross boys he's looking for a home for.
If ya all know any truckers, then with a tear a smile a hug and about 3 hours of begging they will usually haul them for you in a big dog crate. At least the ones I know will LOL

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