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WTB OEGB any colors in N. Texas/ Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Lacrymosa, May 19, 2010.

  1. Lacrymosa

    Lacrymosa In the Brooder

    Mar 4, 2010
    Fort Worth
    Why so many states listed? We are driving through all of them starting in Dallas and going all the way to Trenton, Missouri, through Oklahoma and Kansas for a family reunion. We are hoping to pick them up on the way back so they make it to our house fairly quickly. I am hoping for either chicks or adults, no hatching eggs please. I love all colors of these guys, but hopefully they can be at least breeder quality.
    We are leaving this weekend, probably Friday or Saturday, and will be coming home a few days after that.

    Please, if you have anything that fits the description, post or PM me!


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