WTB or trade: Bearded Buff/White Silkie hatching eggs

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    Im looking for some bearded buff silkie hatching eggs, from breeder quality or show quality stock. Im located in NY. I would like to see pictures of the parent stock and previously hatched offspring.

    Or, if you are looking for somebody to test your bearded buff silkie hatching eggs, I will test them and pay shipping.

    I could also trade for either Toulouse Goose hatching eggs, Light Brahma hatching eggs, or gray/mixed color call duck hatching eggs.

    Please either post here or pm me.

    Thanks [​IMG]


    ETA: I wouldnt need them shipped for about 2-3 weeks. The bators full now. [​IMG]

    Also might be interested in white silkies, bearded of course. [​IMG] Let me know the price, and pictures.
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