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    I'm new to the site and to chickens! I'm looking for some pullets that are due to start laying in the next month or two because my husband says it will be cheaper than feeding chicks for 5 months. I've searched a variety of sources and it seems like I'm only going to get these from a local breeder.. except I can't find any local breeders!

    From everything I've researched, I'd like to find some easter eggers and also some good brown egg layer. Maybe barred rocks or delawares? Any suggestions? Also, I want my chickens to be docile and friendly. Will buying them already older lower the chance that they will be tame with my husband and me?

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    check your local Craigslists. People who sell point of lay chickens generally start them in the spring so they can grow them out outdoors. To find a point of lay pullet now, they would have been hatched in September, and kept inside for the last few months. I'm not saying nobody's doing it, but it's more expensive to heat the indoors than it is to just keep them outdoors in better weather.

    If you have a large producer near you, you might find some Leghorns or Red Sexlinks. You can sometimes find them that are "replacement pullets" for big laying operations. They'll be good laying types but have generally been kept in confinement and have been de-beaked.

    Or you may find someone who has to get rid of their entire flock and you can start that way.

    Your best bet for getting what you want and them being tame and friendly is to get day old chicks. Raising chicks is half the fun! And when you get those first eggs, it's so much more rewarding. Most hatcheries are gearing up to start shipping for spring if they haven't already. get your chicks now and they'll be laying by mid-summer.
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