WTB: R.C. Leghorn hens, MN


10 Years
11 Years
Jan 24, 2009
Saint James/ Comfrey MN
I sold off the last of my old leghorns last month and am looking to replace the flock. Looking for up to a dozen hens, any color is fine. I just need some white egg layers for my "egg racist" customers

My old hens were single comb leghorns but I really felt sorry for their combs. After a few years I don't think one of the girls didn't get frostbite
I would really like to find the rose comb leghorns if possible.

Day old up to a year is fine with me. Just PM me with what you have and your asking price.

Southern MN, Northern IA, Eastern SD, or Western WI unless you are able to ship to me.

Thanks, Chris

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