WTB RI - Ameracauna Pullet *Update* We got one


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Glocester, RI
My 4 year old granddaughter's white Ameracauna, Snowflake got taken by a hawk and I desperately need to buy a replacement. She's heartsick because she told all her friends at pre-school she was going to get blue eggs and they didn't beleive her. We only had 3 chicks (now 2) and Snowflake was the only Ameracauna. Can anyone please help? Doesn't need to be show quality, just lay blue eggs. If not white, any color will do. Thanks. PM me with any information.
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I hope she is adjusting well!

Did you try eggbid .com?
I'm having no luck finding them up here at all...
I wish you well.
Also, Turkens (naked necks) lay blue eggs too among the other 'wilder birds'...but, they are pretty relaxed and a good size too, even if they look a bit weird they're still tinted egg layers.
Good luck!

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