WTB- self blue aka lavender eggs


lavender nutt
11 Years
Sep 27, 2008
Delight, Arkansas
My Coop
My Coop
I am looking for self blue AKA lavender bantam cochin eggs.

Thanks - Amanda
There are some on eBay that end soon. I was tempted to bid on them but my BF gave me a chicken intervention yesterday. BTW I love love love your donkey! I am a donkey afficiado and yours looks like he has a very soft nose indeed!
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I have 20 of them but there just chicks now so hopefully by late summer early fall I will have some eggs at that time! They are beautiful birds and hope you find them soon!

maybe in a few weeks, I just got some but I want to make sure they are laying consistently and check ferility before I offer them....I also have to get pics!

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