WTB - Show or Breeder Partridge Silkie Roo - MD


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
So. Maryland
I am looking for a partridge silkie rooster, preferably with a black breast. Must be at least breeder quality, but prefer show quality. Does not have to be within driving distance (although that would be nice).
I am willing to pay for shipping, if you're willing to ship! Please PM me if you have anything available that you think may fit the bill. Thanks!
I might be selling my partridge cockerel, will decide soon, he doesn't have black breast but if you give me your email I can email picture. I showed him in Spring and he got a first. He is about 11 months now.
I have this nice youngster available. He has alot of partidge in his feathers and getting more all the time. I beleive him to be breeder quality but also nice enough to produce SQ breed to nice hens.

He has a large cushion, crest and heavy feathered feet with all toes and correct. He is extremely friend and is about 7 months old now. I do ship when the weather is good for both parties. If you are interested I can get you better photos later.

Hey there,

Wow, I wish I could help you out... I have 2 young Partridge roos that I am hoping to part with.... My friends said they wanted them, but not sure when thats going to happen (they visit from out of state).
Their father is the rooster in my avatar and they look just like him.

I will keep you posted on them if you like.

Take Care,

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