WTB Silkie roo from IL *FOUND ONE* Thanks for all the replies.


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
Rockford IL
Hi, I am looking for black silkie rooster good quality. I would like to buy one or trade for one.
I have eggs from EE, Bearded d'Uccle or mix group, if you would like to trade for eggs.
I have chicks- a EE hen 20 weeks, 2 pollet and 2 rooster Mille Fleur d'Uccles and 5 barred Plymouth Rocks pollets both groups 7 weeks, 2 buff pollet 12 weeks, and a 7 week old Sicilain buttercup rooster, if you would like to trade for chicks. If anyone has a black slikie roo that they are selling or trading please let me know because I am need a good roo for my girls.
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