WTB- southern CA- any Silver Laced rooster/cockerel/chickens

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Sun City, California
    WTB Silver Laced rooster, let me know what you have available, regardless of breed or mix.. Only thing I ask, is that he has decent or better quality lacing. And have clean legs & little or no crest.

    Have a slight preference for Sebright(mainly for the laced instead of solid black tail plus henny feathering), but have given up hope on finding one locally.. am opening search to include Wyandottes, possibly somebody's laced project Orps.. and..??

    Let me know even if you have a Sebright cross/mix.. might turn out to be something I'd be interested in?

    No Cochins, as leg feathering is very hard to get rid of or pure Polish(yet.. if the hunt turns out to be too hard..). It's for my project to improve lacing in a line of my mixed chickens.

    Would like either a mature rooster or almost mature cockerel(have pullets that are about ready to start laying and no "suitable" rooster), but please contact me anyways if you are a breeder.
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