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    Feb 16, 2010
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    My neice is looking for a small project flock off the side. We already have RIRs and Dominiques, but her birds would be kept separate. She is turning 12 this year, and is a responsible young girl that has started getting really interested in chicken care, behaviors, etc. since spending some time with our birds and helping us care for them. Should the newness of her own chooks wear off, we will be happy to take over the project and the birds would never be left without excellent care.

    She is looking for show quality birds to get started right, and would like to show next year. While she will probably start showing in 4-H, we will be taking our Dominiques to open shows starting next year if we have some nicely feathered birds by then, and I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to come along. The most important aspects are healthy birds with sweet personalities, so we aren't looking for the spawn of Satan himself (so no evil roos, healthy flocks only please).

    Hatching eggs may be the way to go, but we're nervous about the PO killing off fertile eggs. We may end up just hoping for the best. Would love day-old chicks if available, to reduce risk of poor hatching rates.

    If you have any nice quality birds, and are in Oregon or possibly Northern California or Southern Washington, or have had any luck shipping, please let us know.

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