WTB Sweetgrass, Narragansett, and Beltsville Turkey Hatching Eggs

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    I am looking to buy a dozen or more each of both Sweetgrass and Narragansett turkey hatching eggs some time this spring. I have a budget, but am not looking for cheap eggs since I want good birds. However, I could not post this ad without entering a price so just plugged in a mid-range number: This does not indicate that this is the amount I think I will be paying.

    Plus, I am looking for hatching eggs from the Ames, or Ontario lines of the Beltsville Small white turkeys: I currently raise a flock from the Albertson line and would like to add stock from the other lines.

    If anyone has a waiting list for eggs from these breeds and is NPIP certified, please respond or PM with pricing. Shipping would be to Louisiana zip code 70431.

    Thanks a bunch and have a wonderful spring!

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