WTB Thai/asil/shamo eggs or starters


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Jun 4, 2010
Hey I'm currently looking to buy some Thai/asil/shamo eggs or starters or adult hens if you have any extras your willing to sell. I recently lost my hen to a predator and she was sitting on eggs. I don't know if the eggs are any good anymore but I let my duck foster them anyways.

So now I only have 1 rooster left with no hen (he's very lonely, he's been mounting my ducks). So I am really interested in getting a 1-3 females for him, but eggs or starters will be fine too. I just want the breed, i don't care much about the bloodline cause they are just for a hobby, NO ILLEGAL USE, I'M AGAINST IT, so i'll take your culls or extras you plan on eating or destroying. I'm willing to pay $20-$30 per hen, I may be willing to pay more for quality hens but as I said before, i'm willing to take your culls. A man's trash is another man's treasure. and as for eggs and starters you name the price.

Thanks for looking, I hope I hear from some of you soon!
BTW I live in Minnesota, so I would prefer pickup for live birds and as for eggs, they can be shipped from anywhere.
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