WTB: Trio/Quad BCM


10 Years
Aug 15, 2009
Hamilton, Georgia
My husband works in the surrounding states often and would pick up at the end of a work week, meet halfway, shipped, etc. We would like good lines as we will plan to hatch in the future. We are looking for 3-4 hens and a rooster. Please let us know price and location via here, email: [email protected], or phone: 706-628-7158, 706-580-6282. Our zip is also 31811. Thanks and have a blessed day!!!

Ashley and Ryan

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I'm in ga myself and am raising 3 different sets of bcms for me to choose my breeding stock from. If you are interested once I know what I'm keeping I can let you see if you want any of the others.
you can email marans and more they are not that far form us and have nice birds. I will have black/blue and splash marans hatching eggs in the spring and some chicks.

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