WTB Turken/naked neck Eggs

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    I am looking for turken eggs. Id prefer a different color than buff.. but at this point id take just about anything. I can't afford much and im looking to pay maybe this friday [​IMG] but i want to see if anyone has any that they are selling. they don't need to be show quality or anything.. I just want them to have a naked Neck.


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    I'd suggest contacting mamawolf544 for some turken eggs. She packs very well and I have excellent hatching rates with both shipments I have gotten from her. I have gotten buffs, reds and a chipmunk striped one.
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    Thank you Jennifer. [​IMG]
  4. Hi Sue! I have bantam Naked Necks. They are not 'bred to SOP Naked Necks', but a mix with Cochin/Silkie THAT HAVE Naked Necks. And the chicks will all hatch with naked necks.

    My Naked Neck bantams are blue, splash, and black NN hens with a blue NN roo .
    2 of the blue NN girls are frizzled.
    2 of the NN girls (the splash girl in this pic and a black) lay green eggs.

    The girls have just started laying after taking a little break.
    Price is 12 for $25.00 (includes S&H).


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