wtb Welsummers eggs in NC

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  1. vet

    vet Songster

    Nov 23, 2008
    bessemer city nc
    Is there any one who has any for sale. I've looked high and low but just none around Gastona NC

  2. WestKnollAmy

    WestKnollAmy The Crazy Chicken Lady

    Apr 22, 2008
    upstate SC
    I just let my hens back out to free range again. The roo isn't too happy to have to stay in his tractor alone but now my Wellie hens are running with a BO roo and Langshans roo so they are not pure anymore.
    Wish I had known before. I have a few chicks but no eggs to sell.
  3. okiehen

    okiehen Songster

    Oct 25, 2007
    I have welsummer, if my hens continue to lay I'll have eggs available the week of June 21st.
    You can look at pictures in my post in my signature line and for the price also.
  4. bargain

    bargain Love God, Hubby & farm

    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    Hi, I have welsummer eggs available from a local breeder. They are purebred and a great color. I'll try to make photos so I can post this evening.

    Please pm me if you are interested. Feel free to look at our ratings under the review for shipped eggs in this section.

    Many thanks and have a blessed day.

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