WTB: wheaten ameraucana/faverolles eggs (full size, not bantam) 3/21


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I would like to purchase anywhere between 6 and up wheaten ameraucana eggs. I can be flexible on the price, I can be flexible on the number of eggs. I cannot be flexible on the date. If they cannot be shipped on that date then I don't want them. I have had a bad couple purchases where I tried to buy eggs from a couple different people and recieved them days apart when I had been assured they would be sent the same date (so I would have received them no more than a day apart).
So I have turkey eggs ordered that will be shipping ON the 14th, and would like to have chicken eggs shipped to me ON the 21st of March so that they will pretty well be set a week apart.

If I absolutely can't find the wheaten ameraucanas or cannot afford them, I would love to have some salmon faverolles.

I'm sorry to sound SO picky about this but it is my first time doing turkeys and really want it this way!
Thanks in advance!
Check out the auctions - I just saw someone with really nice wheaten ameraucanas - a 24 hour auction with 22 hours or so remaining. They would ship Wednesday. There may also be more.

Now, just a question - you said that this is your first time doing turkeys? You know these are chickens, right??
Yeah I saw the auctions, the thing is I don't want the eggs for a couple more weeks. Beautiful birds though.

And yes, I know they're chickens. I want to have chickens to hatch at the same time as my turkeys I've already ordered. Too funny though!
You could also PM some of the people putting on the auctions to see if you could reserve some eggs for a few weeks from now. Quite a few people would be willing to do that!

I figured you knew these weren't turkeys - you sounded like you knew what you were talking about, but I just had to ask!!

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