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    Looking for white faced black Spanish in northern California/Sierra Foothills area, either fertile hatching eggs or chicks. These chickens are almost impossible to get out here on the west coast, and they're a beautiful breed that is on the critical list for preservation. If anyone out here has them or knows a good breeder of WFBS out here within a couple of hours' drive of the greater Sacramento/Placerville area, please contact me.

    So far, the only places I can find that has them are out of state private breeders and a couple of the hatcheries, and I have had 0% hatch rates with shipped eggs and am reluctant to do it again. Don't make me resort to using hatchery stock for my breeding project.


  2. Good luck! I tried the white faced whites for about a year and gave up. They were insane (bounced off the walls/ceiling/wire every time I'd feed/water/get eggs. The roosters were mean. They all were egg eaters and every one of them got frostbite. [​IMG] These were Sandhill strain. My next project was white faced blues. Not as nuts as the whites (which I found out later are heavily Leghorn bred)...but I still had hardiness issues with the super cold weather.

    I am really hoping to try again in the near future with maybe bantam WFBS so I can house them in bantam bins and not outside....

    Good luck at finding some...good ones are hard to find. There is a great need for someone to breed decent ones on the west coast.

    You might want to try searching on google....there is a breeder in AZ that shows hers and has nice birds. I was on her list for over a year and just never heard back...but you might have better luck.


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    We are in Wisconsin and love our WF!! Yes, they are a crazy bird, but that comes with the breed. Ours lay like crazy. Just put 20+ eggs in hatcher and they are due on Wednesday/Thursday. We have not had a problem with frost bite, but we do provide a 100 watt bulb in there pen to gather around. We have top quality show birds NOT hatchery stock. I think you got shipped eggs from us with no luck. We could always do the shipped chicks if we have extras. I know my kids want to keep more to up the numbers of hens.
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    Hey there,

    Yep, I did order eggs from you. I think the temp differences between your region and my region and/or issues with shipping caused the extra-large, irregular air sacs (shaped like big amoebas). All the eggs I got from you (not just the WFBS but also the salmon favs and the vorwerks) had large, irregular air sacs... most were fertile (you have GREAT fertility in your birds), but all chicks died by day 15.

    I'm really interested in this bird, as it's on the critical list in need of preservation.

    If I do order shipped chicks, Terry, I'll order them from you... but I do not believe in shipping chicks and would only engage in that as a very last resort. Even if I ordered them from a hatchery, I'd order eggs, not chicks. I really, really dislike the practice of shipping chicks (or any living creature) through the post, but it may be the only way I can get decent birds.

    I wasn't aware, however, this was an aggressive breed. Maybe I'll look for something else to breed. Everything I've read says "flighty", but in talking to others, as well as the posts here, one of the things I'm finding straight across the board is that you have to segregate the roosters because they're mean and have been known to attack little kids.

    I can handle "flighty". Aggressive... no way.

    Thanks anyway, y'all. I am going to find something else. Maybe there's a reason I can't get my hands on these birds or any viable eggs.

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