WTB White Wyandottes & Rhode Island Red chicks

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    May 15, 2009
    Farmer City, IL
    I have never gotten birds from anywhere BUT a hatchery or local farms however, after talking to a few people, we have decided to purchase from breeders on BYC [​IMG] So, does anyone on here raise White Wyandottes or Rhode Island Reds that will have chicks for me to purchase in the near future like as soon as possible LOL I have never gotten birds from on here and do not know how the whole getting them to me in IL would work but.. gotta try sometime. So.... if you have WW or RIR, let me know! I am needing 6 RIR and 18 WW.

    Ok.. .now the waiting begins ... [​IMG] I hate waiting LOL I'm surprised I managed to have 3 kids LOL

    Thanks in advance

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