WTBLooking for pure fertile eggs BLRW~Black Penny~Blue JG Aussies Orps

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  1. Please feel free to privately and confidentially email me. I am looking for quite a few dozen. If you love these breeds and want them to prosper and spread throughout Canada, read on.

    BLRW Foley/Jesse Paul lines if possible, any combo or anything that looks close (I have McMurrays and anyone else in Canada that's looking for these has MCM too so please help!)

    Black Penedesencas big meaty and dark layers, but honestly will take anything pure (0nly 1 source in Canada I know of)

    Lavender Orps/Aussies/JGs

    SG Dorkings, the bigger the better-Show lines if possible

    I am happy to pay by paypal, and I know 50% hatch rate is phenomenal if they arrive at all!

    The catch is I am in Canada, in Ontario. I am happy to receive eggs in regular or Xpress mail anytime, or if you have the import paperwork available, I may be able to pick up at US Bordertown for official import in the Spring. Email me and see if we can work something out! thanks for reading. Happy new year!
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