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I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Well I currently have a few drakes who I am interested in selling or trading for.

Breed: Mallard drake
Age:about a year and a half old
Reason for needing a new home: He is a very "active" Drake. I dont need any more ducklings and with him around I would be too tempted to let my girls have some.

Breed: Buff x Mallard
Age: 8 months
Reason: Also an "active" drake. As well as he has decided that he is going to chase my month+ old ducklings and pull out some feathers.

I dont have the room to keep these two seperated from my other ducks.

As for trading, if any one has scovies ... well

They can Be additions to the flock, yard ornaments, or dinner.
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