WTT: Hibiscus for printer ink. I already got the ink!

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    Ok, I would like to make a trade of some hibiscus plants that we ordered from a nursery for the ink to my printer. I would order the ink myself except my paypal account is low until the 1st. However I need the ink now. I have the hibiscus to trade because when we placed our order we did realize that they would send us 12 of them!!! After all the planting we've done we simply do not have the room for 12 of them, so we can part with at least 6, of not 9. I'll discuss the exact number with the family in the morning. I might also have some Hansen cherry bushes for sale or trade too. My printer is a Kodak ESP 5, and I found the ink the cheapest at a store on E-Bay. A 4 pack for about $24. So, if you are local and want to pick up, I'm available all this week. If you need them shipped, I have the plants, but I can't ship til the 1st of the month. I need the ink now though and won't be offering the plants after I get the ink. I'll just find somewhere to shove them before they die! So if you can send the ink now, but don't mind waiting til the 1st for me to ship your plants, let me know. I'll see what other plants I have too.

    I got the ink today, so I don't need to trade for ink. However, I would be willing to trade feed, eggs, chicks, or other chicken related items. I could REALLY use a couple aprons for my hens. [​IMG]
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