WTT: mutts for mutts? LOL


Diagnosed w/ Muscovitis
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Feb 7, 2009
Tombstone, AZ
I have waaayyy too many eggs piling up.

Buff Orpington

2 EE (my EE'S green eggs match the green egg carton from the store ahha)
1 black sex link
1 partridge cochin
1 black faced spanish
1 black oeb
1 white thing with black spots and dark legs (?)

Anywho, i like seeing designer chicks, anyone wanna trade?
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Argh! I am so tempted!
But I do have help holding myself back, as I won't have unclaimed eggs for another two weeks.
i love designer birds.... i have three chicks that are my Buff Orpington Rooster and RIR hen... they are so adorable... and i have another that i believe is a cuckoo maran and Buff Orpington mix..... I am not sure cause my friend just gave this one to me.
i have a leghorn/cochin x. SOOOOO CUTE! All white, with feathered feet. Its funny! I like it. LOL. AND I have a barred polish.
i have three chicks that are my Buff Orpington Rooster and RIR hen... they are so adorable

aren't all chicks cute? lol. i just got a couple designer chicks from a lady around here... turken mixes but not sure with what lol. she has turken, polish, silkies, houdans, cochins, pheonix... etc... etc.. lol. so we aren't sure what they are;) i took the three that look turkenish, and a couple others... im in love;) haha.and i have more in my bator to hatch next weekend(my designers, and a couple birchen cochins)
and i have more pure to put in and i just won another auction(shhhh don't tell hubby:D ) anyway, id take these in a heart beat and send you some of mine but i have too many eggs as it is:( and i may put a whole bunch of mine in there as i just lost my desinger roo(with houdan in him as well as whatever else the father was haha) so i want to hatch as much as i can from him....

oops i just threadjacked this haha.sorry. just 'splaining
wish i could take them:)

Right now he's a poof ball.
But his comb is a little confused. Ill take him picture tomorrow

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