WTT Quilting Books For PureBreed Hatching Eggs IL

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    I have a 14+ quilting books that I would like to trade for purebred hatching eggs. I am looking for Welsummer, Black OE, Marans, and Ameraucana. But will look at all offers. Looking for 2 dz.
    The Complete Book of Machine Quilting
    Altair Design 4
    Time Saving Secrets for Quilters
    Color for Quilters
    Quick and easy Patchwork on the Sewing Machine
    Geometric Patchwork Patterns
    Creative American Quilting Inspired by the Bible
    Making Animal Quilts
    The Counrty Songbird Quilt
    Callery of American Quilts 1860-1989 Book2
    Illusterated Index to American Quilt Patters
    Creative American Quilting
    Quick-and-Easy Strip Quilting
    Trip Around the World Quilts
    The Patchwork Quilt Design & Coloring Book
    The Mountian Artisans Quilting Book
    The books are in good condation. I will include any more that I find
    I do have cats and dogs.
    They will be shipped in a flat rate large box.

    I am located in IL

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