WV/MD/VA/DC FREE! Phoenix and crosses. Flock reduction! You pick up.


11 Years
May 20, 2008
Charles Town, WV

I have some really nice birds but have to reduce the size of my flock small enough so my parents can watch them while I'm overseas. Located in Jefferson county WV about 60 miles NW of Washington DC. Reliable people only. Ages are from 3 months to 20 months. These birds must be kept for show/pets/laying/pest control. Very thrifty birds that take care of themselves and prefer to just sleep in trees where nothing gets them. I request you take a cockeral for every hen or two but I do have more females than males in general so I'm not teaming with roosters. All in all I'm looking to divest 5-10 birds. Here's some pics of my flock (though not necessarily the birds in question).


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