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Feb 12, 2013
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I have meyers eggs coming ( I know they have to set for a day after shipping,) I also have a neighbor who dropped off eggs today, should I let them rest in the mudroom till I get my other eggs and put them all together, or hatch separately, if I hatch separately the ones dropped off can go earlier. the dropped off ones are right from a farm, candled, not muddy but unwashed, I don't know how they were treated collected or any of that.
They are in the mudroom which is not as cold as a fridge, but not room temp, and they are in cardboard carton, with plastic very very loosely wrapped around. They may have to wait one week, but they are fresh.

These are the eggs my neighbor gave me, I may only set 12. The neighbor did say 6 roosters to 40 hens.

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