Wyandotte Bantams

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    All pairs except where noted are 2013 hatch.

    We have the following pairs for your consideration.

    Partridge Wyandotte Bantams $65.00 Pair ~ The rooster is directly from Jerry Foley, pictured with this ad.. The pullet is by our Ken Aho rooster.

    Chocolate Wyandotte Bantams $85.00 pair - These are by a pair that came from Jerry foley.

    Silver Pencil Wyandotte Bantams $65.00 for a trio ~ The hens are from Jerry Foley, 2012 hatch. The cockerel is by the rooster we got from Jerry and out of a different hen than listed here.

    Black Wyandotte Bantams $50.00 pair ~ These are Mccoy/Lundgren and quite nice.

    Pairs will ship when the summer heat allows (85 degrees or below). Which looks to be Sept. A non-refundable 25% deposit paid by Paypal to tisha@chickenhillpoultry.com will hold your birds. Shipping is calculated by weight, zip code and size of box, plus cost of box. The total balance is sent to you a few days before they ship. [FONT=MavenProRegular, Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Our USPS location does not allow us to ship to the following Zips starting with; 246-253, 255-259, 261.266,307,373,374 and 967-969
    More photos available at chickenhillpoultry.com
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