Wyandotte, Barred Rock, Dominique, vs Rhode Island Red for rooster?


11 Years
Jan 28, 2009
Cecil Co. MD - 5Yrs. Chickens 4Yrs. Ducks
Well you wouldn't want just one duck. They need a buddy. and there is a whole new set of rules and guidelines in duck ownership. :) Male ducks can be hazardous around chickens if they attempt to mate them. And they just might. Ducks must always have access to drinking water in order to wash down their food. Ducks are messy and not suited to being cooped with chickens. I have ducks and chickens. I have two jumbo pekin ducks separate in a boys pen because they gang up on the girl ducks and hurt them. I have 7 female ducks that free range with the chickens but are cooped in a 8x10 kennel at nite. There is lots of good reading material, maybe even try your library. I never stop wanting to read about critters. and learn something new everyday

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