Wyandotte, Buckeye, or Dominique which is best for me?

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    Jan 26, 2011

    Have been doing some research and I'm really at a loss here. I live in northern Michigan and its very cold here. Our flock of sex linked layers is slowing down dramatically and Im trying to decide what to keep next. We have an insulated but unheated coop. I do run a submersible heater into the water (which is pulled into a GFI outlet trying to keep it safe) to keep that from freezing but thats it. I won't put a light in the coop as the threat of a fire is not worth it. We've got a lot invested in horses and we just won't risk it. My wife wants either a pea comb or rose comb breed if we're going to produce birds year to year to help reduce the risk of frostbite since we don't light/heat the coop. Thats her one input on the chicken aspect. The hens were fine before but we had frostbite issues with our barred rock roo and she thought it wasn't fair to him.

    Anyway looking for a breed that will keep us in eggs and meat. Just to feed our family we're not trying to turn a profit here. We've got 4 kids and the wife and I. We've raised our own meat birds in the past but we really want a dual purpose breed. Having done my research I've found the 3 that I think would fit our situation. The trick now is narrowing it down from there. Wondering which is going to fit us the best between the Dominique, the Buckeye, and the Wyandotte. The family is ok with any of these 3 breeds so its really its whats going to work best for us. We plan on expanding the coop if necessary too so more birds could be kept to keep us with what we want.

    I appreciate any opinions on this but haivng zero experience with these 3 breeds we're just not sure which way to go. We do have a copy of the SOP and its been helpful but we'd like some outside opinions.
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    Well, my first advice is of course to not get from a hatchery or from hatchery stock. [​IMG] We're talking very little meat on the bone with those birds. . .

    Next, I wouldn't recommend Dominiques as much, as they're a little more of a heat hardy breed, and don't have as much size on them. Wyandottes and Buckeyes are both pretty good though. Buckeyes especially are a nice, meaty, dual purpose breed, and Wyandottes were bred to withstand the cold very well, plus they're also a dual purpose breed. Both are slow growers, but don't let that scare you from getting them. [​IMG]

    I have no personal experience with Dominiques or Buckeyes, but I'm sure the Buckeyes would be quite fitting. I've raised plenty hatchery-quality Wyandottes though, and they were the toughest buggers of the hatchery birds I've had. Never lost a one.

    Oh, and [​IMG]
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    Buckeyes are great tough birds good egg layers and meat birds. They are also the most active American breed. Dont go with hatchery birds either if you need help finding breeders then PM me
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    Jan 26, 2011
    Thanks for the welcome.

    The Dominique was one I put up based on description. They give up a pound in the description of them to the Buckeye and the Wyandotte and that concerned me but then again I figured Id still give them a look.

    I had planned on getting breeder stock absolutely as many of the hatchery birds Ive seen just don't have the size I want.

    How slow are the Wyandottes and the Buckeyes in growth? Other than a rose comb vs a pea comb and color are there any other big differences between the 2? Id prefer to have just 1 breed to focus on. They both seem like tough cold weather birds that would thrive in my neck of the woods up here. Just want to be sure I'm making the right decision before I put my money down on some quality birds.
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    Since you are in Michigan more then likly your sex linked hens came from Townline Hatchery. If they are red you will never get better layers. DP breeds will lay about half as many eggs. Where did you get your hens from?

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