Wyandotte chicken has problem walking

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    Oct 16, 2016
    I woke up this morning and tended to the chickens per usual. When I went to the coop, I noticed one of my wyandotte hens was not walking like she normally does. Her backside sags and she prefers to sit down.
    She CAN technically walk, but it seems uncomfortable. She was not isolating herself from the rest of the flock, and her legs are fine. All of my Wyandottes came from a family who could no longer take care of them; I did not raise the chickens myself. The hen is about two years old, and seems fairly healthy, aside from this issue.
    I have had an occurrence of another one of them having ascites. I checked this one and she does not have lice, broken feet, or any other issues that I can tell. I do live at a high elevation, so I am thinking it's ascites or a fatty liver.
    I put her in my isolation coop just in case


    Any advice would be appreciated!
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    What type of food/treats do you feed?
    How does her abdomen feel?
    What does her poop look like?
    How long have you had her?
    When was the last time she laid an egg - was it normal?

    Offer her some extra calcium and some vitamins in her water. Keep her hydrated.
    Feel her abdomen to see if she feel bloated or fluid filled.

    Internal laying/reproductive disorders like Ascites, Peritonitis, Salpingits, cancer or tumors can cause loose droppings, going off feed, loss of weight in breast area, sometimes swelling from egg masses or fluid in abdomen, problems walking, and labored breathing. Supportive care is usually best, antibiotic treatment is not all that effective unless caught early on.

    You may want to have a vet perform a fecal float test to rule out Cocci, worms and bacterial infection.

    Keep us posted.
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    Oct 16, 2016
    I feed my chickens a mix of layer pellets and whole corn, along with any vegetables I get in bulk.
    Her abdomen feels squishy, I don't think she has an egg in there... It doesn't quite feel watery, but still soft.
    Her poop looks normal, i think because all of the poop in my communal coop looks healthy (I have 54 chickens) I put her in isolation today, so I am not quite sure.
    I have had her for about four months; this problem just arose.
    She laid an egg about a month ago, I think she is getting too old now, though.
    I feed all of my chickens a mix of sand and oyster shell, but no vitamins or probiotics.
    Her breathing is normal, but she has bloating of her abdomen.
    I also forgot to add that she has a poopy bum, so she isn't cleaning herself.
    I can't afford to take her to a chicken doctor, so if this is not an issue I can fix, I will have to cull.
    I do, though have tools to drain her abdomen if it is ascites, but I know that it doesn't go away with time.
    Thank you, and I will keep posted.

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