Wyandotte Chicks for Sale/Preorder from Nittany Wyandottes NPIP

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    We have started hatching earlier this month and will be offering several Wyandotte varieties for sale this spring. Blue Laced Red (BLR), Silver Laced (SL), Partridge-in large fowl and bantam, Blue/Black/Splash (B/B/S) and bantam Silver Penciled.

    If you are interested and would like on a wait list, please email us. You may also see pictures of our breeding birds on our website.

    We are NPIP and vaccinate chicks for Marek's. We do use nipple waters, so chicks are imprinted from birth on how to use them.

    Chicks are $10/each and straight run for color and sex. We ship Express with heat packs. Shipping cost is based on total weight and destination zip code(usually between $35-$55~can be less).

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