Wyandotte Colour Genetics

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    Jun 8, 2015
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    So I have some wyandottes currently, and I am loving them. I just have some questions about breeding them.

    If I were to cross a SLW, GLW, BLW, etc, with white or black wyandottes, what would the outcome be? If anyone has a list of all the different varieties and ways to get them, that would be great!

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    May 19, 2009
    Check : Google advanced book search : type in: Wyandotte genetics :
    subject :poultry :
    there are some great books on Wyandotte breeding.
    Also check out Grant's Brereton book," 21st century poultry breeding ", . he's a Wyandotte expert from England and is encyclopedic about color breeding this breed. You can probably buy it used for not much money at : http://wwwaddall.com. Yep , just found a slew of them on addall for as little as $15.37 on amazon.com . I own this book it's really helpful.
    I think you'll be really pleased. See the book review on Grants' book at
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