Wyandotte lovers...do you have one of these?


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Mar 20, 2008
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Extremely spoiled SLW stalker chicken?

This is my Speckles who is now 26 weeks old. She has stalked me everywhere I went since she was about 2 weeks old. She has been spoiled from 2 days old. LOL

She watched me doing the painting on the interior of the Keep of Eggtopia and then decided it was time to sit in my lap and watch the sunset.



Wyandottes Rock (at least this one does).
no wyandottes (just now working on finishing my coop) but she is beautiful! I do hope that I have lots of 'stalkers' when my coop is done...LOL
Thanks...I think she is beautiful too but I am very partial for sure. You should see her riding in the van with me to go to the coffee shop...the girls have little doggie biscuits for her. LOL
Here is my 5-1/2 month old SLW boy, Lacey (he was supposed to be a she, the name stuck) So far he is very sweet. Love him!

I think his comb is cool

Here he is with his favorite lady friend, Betty
What stunning chicken & rooster pics!!!!!!!!

Some of our latest batch of chicks, now 8 weeks old, are Wyandottes: 1 silver laced and 2 golden laced. They're already so pretty, but I haven't yet gotten to the point of knowing how to post pics.

The super tamest of all our chicks is Salsa, a GLW, who always hops up on my lap when she gets the chance. The biggest "problem" is not stepping on them as they cluster around when I'm doing chick chores.
oooohhhh beautiful birds.

I agree about the comb I just love them. I have a GLW that is almost 7 weeks old but I promised Speckles I would not get any other girls like her so I got one GLW. hehehehehe
I would just love to have a couple BLRWs. Someday perhaps.... but I wonder if they could handle the heat here?

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