Wyandotte Rooster 2.5 yrs old - sweet rooster in need of TLC, proven great rooster for our hens


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Mar 30, 2011
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We are moving and have 2 roosters we need to relocate to new homes (both gorgeous - a Golden Laced Wyandotte and an Ameraucana with very similar coloring).

Our Wyandotte ('Wally') injured his leg, and while he was healing the other rooster decided to join the flock (a very odd funny story - we have no idea where he came from). He healed up well over winter but come just these last few weeks this spring the other rooster got a bit 'hormonal' and bossy so now he's a bit under the weather again from being picked on.

This little guy needs a new home where he can be top dog again. He was a great rooster for us - always alerting the hens to hawks and treats and quite protective of them without being aggressive to us or our dogs. Was also a great 'father' with some hatched chicks last year - incredible to watch him with them!Thanks for considering this wonderful sweet little guy, we know you'll be pleased with him and he'll be grateful for the time to heal and be top roo again!

I will post a picture of him before/after in the next day or two (when it stops raining) so you are aware how he looks currently and his potential (what he looked like just a few weeks back).

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