Wyandottes wanted in Southern OREGON

Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex

10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Rogue Valley, S. Oregon
Already short on hens, a hawk nabbed my favorite pullet today. I would love to buy blue laced red, gold laced, and silver laced wyandotte pullets or hens... or at least share a chicken order with someone. I am in Talent, OR but I would be willing to pick up birds that are anywhere within reasonable driving distance.
We are having a chicken stock in Salem tomorrow!!!!

There is quite a bit of us going and its at 3pm at the local park.

Look at the Chickenstock section...maybe we will see you there.

I am bringing a Barnvelder pullet (3months) they are really pretty and looked like a golden laced and lay dark brown eggs.

Rainey's feed store in Sam's Valley (near Medford) had some BLRW bantam chicks. I got some and they are pretty nice so far.
I don't have the phone number or address, but I bet they are in the yellow pages.
Check the medford klamath and the roseburg craigslist...a lady is selling gold laced chicks.

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